Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pardon my Soapbox Moment

I want to sincerely thank all of my cyber-friends who come to visit my blog. I truly appreciate you and I apologize to you for taking a break from the fun stuff for a moment but, apparently, it's time to do just that.

Yes, I am aware of some file-sharing going on right now. I have tried to take care of it privately and professionally. Unfortunately, it's kind of like trying to round up loose puppies after someone has left the gate open. So, please pardon my soapbox moment.

I spend hours and even days making each and every file I create. I take great pride in making my files both beautiful and of the highest quality. I feel you and your projects deserve the best and I wouldn't strive for anything less than that.

My Terms of Use prohibit anyone from sharing my files elsewhere. I appreciate those who abide by my Terms of Use. I truly do. I also very deeply appreciate those who let me know when they see one of my files being shared. In my book, integrity always wins and that's why the person who let me know about the file-sharing will be rewarded with her choice of a free file!

And, while I'm up here on this soapbox, I'd like to give you a couple of numbers. Sixteen. That's the number of sweet people who took a small moment out of their week-end to leave a comment on my file. 16 out of the 540 people who downloaded it.

With that said, I want you to know I really appreciate any and all comments on my files. They make my day and encourage me to keep giving you the best.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Anonymous said...

Your files are all great. I can't believe people would take advantage of kindness. I have read on a few blogs about this happening to them also.
So sorry it has happened to you I love your work

Jan said...

Here! Here! I agree completely! I hope that it get resolved soon, Ileana.

Lisa said...

I've also read other places where this has happened. Sadly there are people who take advantage of the goodhearted. Thanks for always sharing you work with us.

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for continuing to share files with us, despite some people who are not abiding by the rules! I hope you can get this resolved quickly!


Anonymous said...

I gotta say I'm one of those that doesn't always leave a comment. I apologize for that. I love your files and do appreciate them. I'm sorry that people feel the need to post elsewhere. We all need to take a moment and thank you talented people....and it's ok, stay up on that soap box. You deserve it :)

jzayler said...

I agree! I apologize for not leaving a thank you more often when I download one of your free files! I love them and I appreciate you sharing your talent with the rest of us who are not quite so creative! I think it is really lame that someone would just share your files against your TOU. I love coming and reading your blog so I can get to know you (and everyone else) and I try to get inspired by your creativity. Even all the files I have purchased I can't imagine sharing. If I can't afford to spend a buck or two on a file I want then maybe I can't afford my hobby. (540 downloads of one file that is incredible - I should have been 541 but I just don't have time to make a lot cards and such so I didn't download this one - I have 4 kids the baby is 18 and I have each of there scrapbooks done up to age 5 I told myself no more projects until I get these done).

Anonymous said...

I am afraid I am among those remiss in leaving a comment when I download a file. I promise I will be better about that in the future. I do respect the TOU - and I wish everyone would do the same. As an artist and a creator - we all owe you that much. Thanks for all the great work you do!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry this is happening. It just goes to show what of society has become even with our community of scrapers and card makers. I hope this doesn't continue to happen for you. I really and truely enjoy your files that you have worked so hard to design. I may not always have the time to give you thanks for the files I download. But want to take the time now and give you a great big thanks. I really enjoy using them on my pages.

Lisa Avolio said...

I am so sad to hear this was happening. I hope it doesn't happen again, and that you will get the whole thing resolved. I know the SCAL Users group (Yahoo) has not shared files that way.
I have been trying to always leave a comment when I download a freebie from you and others. Some sites make it difficult, but I have not had any trouble with yours. Thanks for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

What a sad thing when you work so hard and people take advantage of it. I am probably guilty of not leaving a comment each time I have downloaded something, and for that I apologize. I try to leave comments when I am knowledgeable about the cut or design and sadly I see things down load them and do not get to cutting them until months or years down the road, by which point I have forgotten where I downloaded the file and can not express my gratitude properly for a job well done. I do appreciate you and the others who have more talent and know-how than I who are willing to share and I am working on designating designs as a certain persons, so I can always track things back from whence they came. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and energy. I do appreciate it.

Human to Bear, Boris & Tasha said...

I don't leave a comment everytime. But I absolutely love your files. I even bought some from paperthreads. You are very talented. You do wonderful work, very creative and you are very generous with your files. You don't deserve to be treated that way. Hope those who shared your file at least gave you credit. If not they should be even more ashamed.

Mickey said...

I am one of those "bad" people.
I am lazy and don't take the time
to thank the wonderful designers
who donate their great files.
I am sorry and I will try to do
better. I have always liked your
files and appreciate you and them
very much

Anonymous said...

I am one of those bad people who forget to leave comments. I am so sorry. I do not share your files with others. I have enough respect for the hard work that I know you do to put these files together. Thank you for your hard work and effort in creating these files. I love to use them on my cards and in my scrapbooks.