Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Congratulations to Sheree & Kelly!

Thank you for all your guesses as to our new additions. I'm a softy so I'm giving the grand prize to both Sheree and Kelly. Kelly guessed the closest first but Sheree guessed right on so they both get to choose 2 files and I even have new ones in the store tonight. Woo Hoo!

Our two newest additions are a gecko and a hamster. See:

The gecko was actually a hitch-hiker. He climbed into my husband's soft-sided lunch box while he was at work. He looks huge in the picture but he's actually less than 2 inches long. He doesn't have a name yet and we're not even certain if it is a he or not. LOL!

The hamster is a compromise. You see, my daughter has been begging and begging for a bunny since she was in pre-school where she got to see and pet one frequently. Then, when the neighbor got a guinea pig, she wanted one of those. She actually wanted a girl guinea pig so she could get together with the neighbors' boy guinea pig and have babies--NOT!

So this past week-end when we went to the pet store to buy food for the gecko, we saw the hamster. Snowball was named before she even came out of her cage in the store. That's how quickly our kids fell in love with her.

Snowball was actually labeled as a mouse which was half the price of a hamster. Between the cuteness, the cheap price and the fact that they don't live longer than 1-3 years, we decided it was time to give in and let them get another pet. Now, the kids think they almost have their very own pet store. LOL!

Check back tomorrow for the drawing winner!!! Oh, and Kelly and Sheree please e-mail me at ijr41ug @ yahoo.com (take out the spaces) to claim your prizes.

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

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Deb C said...

congrats on the new pets
and congrats to Sheree and Kelly

Guinea pigs are fun - of all the furry pets my kids had the two guinea pigs were my favorite - very clean and vegetarian - oh about the babies - they are born alive and furred - the piggies actually purr too and whinny - and are awake in the daytime.
You are wise not to get a bunny - they are cute but smelly.
but that hamster is a sweetie even though they are creature of a 1000 days.
but the gecko are interesting too - quiet - a bearded dragon lives here. and reading what a gecko eats well sounds like the same diet- Have fun (if you ever want to hear the cricket story email me)