Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

We've just hosted the first Webelos Den Meeting for the year. Tonight's work went towards the citizenship and physical fitness requirements for the Webelos rank. It was fun watching the kids and listening to their answers.

And, now, with the first den meeting down, it seems like we're fully back into the swing of the school year. Yet, I know more things are coming. There's my daughter's Brownie meetings and now Little Flower Girls as well. Then, she wants to do baton and Bryce wants to do Karate too. It's a good thing my car just had a check-up because the taxi service is picking up speed.

And that reminds me about things I did as a kid. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and my mom worked in town--an hour's drive away. So, anything I got to participate in was dependent upon the kindness of neighbors--of which there weren't many during the school year. So, about the only thing I ever did after school--besides homework--was Girl Scouts. I was in that for three years until my friend who lived nearby moved to Pennsylvania. She now lives an hour from me and yes, we're still good friends. So, I can honestly say I made life-long friends from Girl Scouts and cherish my experiences from it.

How about you? What did you participate in when you were in school? How has it affected your life?

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ileana, I was in our school choir throughout my time in school (too many years ago now, lol) and music and singing still give me so much comfort and pleasure whether it be gospel or rock... I even married a drummer!! I also had a love of drama and was in all the school productions... and I guess I can still be a bit of a drama queen when I want to be, ha ha.

Have a great day, hugs

Elizabeth said...

I did nothing in school because my parents never wanted to take me to anything. My daughter, however, does Girl Scouts and I wish she did soccer again but she doesn't want to, oh well. I love taking her to the meetings and it is great for her to learn new things and get out of the house and be with people her own age.