Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday. I had one of those awful sinus headaches last night. I described it to my kids as someone trying to dig out my eyeballs with dull spoons. They wanted to know who would do such a thing. LOL! Anyway, I'm doing much better today.

I've been hard at work on text files and preparing for both of my classes. I have two pages of difficult sounds for Viet to tackle and I know tonight's ESL class is going to be challenging. We're going to be working on the difference between the contraction --'s as in "Ileana's working."--and the possessive--'s as in "Ileana's dog is barking." I think I'll stay away from "its" versus "it's" for tonight though. LOL!

I'm hoping to squeeze in some creative time today too. I've got a page I've been wanting to do for some time now.

What about you? What have you got planned? Whatever it is, I hope you have fun doing it!

Happy Scrapping!


Elizabeth said...

WOW those are hard, I always remember when to use 's (contraction) vs 's (possession) by thinking if it makes sense to say Ileana is vs Ileana's
Good luck tonight and I hope to see a LO soon from you.

Lisa said...

We work on that one at ESOL, too. It's harder coming from some languages than from others. I think those who had to learn genitive (vs. dative etc.) have an easier time.