Monday, July 13, 2009

Kinetic Tags with Page Protectors

One of the lovely ladies who left a comment over the week-end wanted to see pictures of my kinetic tags in action. So, here is the left side of an old layout I did several years ago.

As you can see, this layout is from my pre-digital cutter days when--gasp!--I used to cut everything by hand or with my Colluzzle templates. It is from my hubby's military album and shows a bit about his first deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Here is the right side of the layout.

Here's the left side once more, this time with some of the tags extended.

And a similar shot of the right side.
In the file, I included instructions on how to use these with page protectors. There's actually a lot of neat things you can do with page protectors but I'll save some of those ideas for another day. The key is to think of your page protector as an extension of your layout. You cut paper, right? Well, you can cut the page protector too! See:

Now, if you take a very close look at this layout, you'll see my mistakes. Keep in mind, this is my very first attempt at using kinetic tags and it was done without the benefit of my digital cutter! These tags are not actually inside envelopes which actually do a huge job of keeping the tags straight! They also make sliding the tag back and forth a lot easier.

Another thing you might notice is the little square handles on the tags. They are actually adhesive foam squares I stuck down to the dark blue paper and trimmed around the edges and then adhered them to the tags. While you do not need a handle, you can use an eyelet with fibers, a brad, or just staple a ribbon pull to the end of the tag.

Now, I'd love to see your pictures of kinetic tags in action! Pretty please?!

Until then, Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic layout and idea of tags.I have been putting off EVERY page in my hubby's military book because I feel like I am not sure how to do it or what to write or say in it. Thanks for sharing your page and ideas and tags.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the great explanation. It looks like a lot of work, but I'll keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great idea and I love the clean are very talented and thanks for sharing. Mary in Hong Kong