Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Challenge

Today, I am offering you a challenge. You can choose to do this as a formal scrapbook page, a page in your journal or just as a memory card for future reference for when you can scrap the memory. I like to use 3x5" cards for this so I can file them away in a recipe-type box until I am ready to use them.

The challenge for today is to write down one of your favorite memories about a pet you currently have or have had in the past. If you don't have or never have had a pet, what kind of pet would you choose if you could get one now?

Before, I've shared with you some about our current dog, Miffy. We also have some fish. One of them is supposed to be a bottom/side feeder. He's a Plecostomus--an algae eater--who is supposed to keep our fish tank clean. I can't complain about algae so he must be staying on top of that.

Yet, he's also a top feeder and a beggar too. The tank is in our great room right next to the table where we eat. He will stare us down until we feed them. Then when we get close, he makes a mad dash for the top and swims upside down with his sucker mouth at the surface so we can put the food right in his mouth. It's kind of freaky but he's the one who really freaks out if you accidentally touch him while you're feeding him. Go figure.

So, I've shared a bit for you. Now, tell me, what memory will you be writing down today?


Anonymous said...

I just lost my sheltie 3 months ago. He was my best friend and the best dog ever.He was 14. He had got sick fast and had to be put to sleep. I think my best memory I will keep with me forever is even though he was so sick he jumped up beside me on the glider outside one last time before he had to go. He always jumped up and just sat there with me for a while. I will miss him forever> Suzanne

Anonymous said...

We had a cocker spaniel several years ago, Buddy was his name. I found him sleeping under our Christmas tree one morning and snapped a picture of him. I have this photo in an ornament that we display on our tree every year. He was a wonderful, loving pet and as his named implied, he was just that, a great Buddy. We will miss him always, I think. Sally

Elizabeth said...

That is way to funny about your sucker fish.
Humm a dog memeory or rather animal memory, I have so many and have had so many not sure what I should write about. My currnet love, a husky named Kira, is sooo funny, when I go to open the door to let her outside she stands at where the carpet and linoleum floor meet and waits until i go and pick her up to take her out. A pain but she is the sweetest dog I have ever met.

Renae said...

My DD wanted a fish. So we got her one of those siamese fighting fish because I thought it would live longer than a goldfish. Well, after buying three of them, I decided on NO fish. See my cat kept figuring out how to take the lid off the tank! He would just fish out that pretty fish and play with it! I finally convinced my DD that it was just cruel for us to have a fish since they got tortured to death.

Hailey said...

My favorite pet would have to be one of our 14 horses, "Red Chief". He is an awesome horse and my little kids can ride him alone and they just love him to death. He is a wonderful animal that when he see you coming towards him he comes to you so you don't have to chase him.

Deb C said...

ok I will post
my memory is nine years old
It was a friday evening around 8pm I was at my pond when I heard what sounded like a bird. A strange one from the back of the yard. I went toward the bird noise. Looked over the back fence there was a kitten crying - Nobody was around - I called here kitty kitty - she came running to me I picked her up and turned around and there was my sweetie - I said what do I do now well needless to say that loud mouth kitty is on top of my desk right now - My kids named her mini me (Austin Powers Movie) now she is a big fluffy cat who loves everyone - she still is the loudest cat I have ever known - and her purr matches it. She is a unique colour - orangy brown- I recognize the colour. She only likes dry cat food and her favourite thing is fresh cold water
oh I forgot to mention - the pond to the fence is about 60 ft. so she was very loud.