Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of Language Practice

Between working with the seminarian on his diction and my students with their English, spending a good part of Saturday with one of my students and trying to reinforce what my kids are learning in Spanish Camp, we are getting in lots and lots of language practice. In other words, my tongue and facial muscles are really getting a workout and I'm tired too.

It is so easy for us to produce an "L" sound. We do it all day long without even thinking about it. Today, I had to close my eyes and keep saying words like "all, fall, wall, stall, tall, hall, etc." just to concentrate on how my mouth forms that sound and then figure out how to get the seminarian to pronounce it correctly. For a while, it seemed like an impossible task. Then, in walked my daughter and son. With their missing teeth, he was better able to see where the tongue goes for each part of the words. Whew! That was hard but I think he's got it. At least, I hope so.

Saturday, one of my students called me and told me she was getting married--at 5:00! I was so happy for her. She's been waiting for this to come through since before last October and it was just in the nick of time too. The pastor she wanted to marry them is moving to a different church and this weekend was his last week-end in our church. So, I ran and bought a present and went to her wedding Saturday evening and then we all went out to dinner.

It was a big change of plans for us. We had intended to spend a quiet evening at home. Yet, I know, without a doubt, that our going to her impromptu ceremony meant the world to her. Her family couldn't come and she's new to the area so she doesn't have any good friends nearby yet. She started crying when she saw me there and every time she thanked me for coming, she started crying again.

That, in a nutshell, is why I teach English as a Second Language. My students are always so very deeply grateful for the least little things. Fewer "regular" teachers would burn out if all students were so respectful and grateful.

So, even if my face hurts from talking and I'm tired at the end of a session, I'll continue to teach. It's definitely worth it.

Happy Scrapping!

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Elizabeth said...

That is awesome. Such a touching story, you are a great inspiration.