Friday, April 17, 2009

The Big Reveal

I've been hard at work behind the scenes here at I Scrap Designs. There's whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here but, unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to discuss them all yet. I am allowed to share something I am really excited about though. Here, take a peek.

So, tell me honestly, what do you think? Do you like the new look?

What about the file? If you like it, it's yours. It will only be up for grabs for a short time so you've got to be quick. Please keep in mind, my terms of use still apply so please do not claim this file as your own. If you'd like to share it with a friend, please send them here to download it for themselves. Thanks! The password is IagreetoTOU and you can click on the picture to grab it.

If you get the chance, send me a picture of what you make with it. I'd love to see your work.

Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Love the new look and the new file--it almost makes me want to buy my kids that scooter they keep bugging me about:)


Elizabeth said...

I do like the new look, so come on let the cat out of the bag, I am not good with surprises.
Anyway, thanks for the file, I hope to get the chance to scrap this weekend.

Carol said...

Glad I was able to grab this one. My DS just got a scooter for Christmas, so this will be perfect. Thanks.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the file. And the new look is great. Be nice and let the rest of the cat out of the bag now.

Caroline said...

love the new look! Thank yuo for the freebie!

Danka Doo said...

Great file!! Would make for a fun layout with maybe a cut out of my son on his scooter. He loves his.