Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sneak Peek and More

Yesterday, I promised a sneak peek of what I've been doing. I intend to keep that promise but it's a hard one. Hmm? With 7 files to choose from, which one should I show? Hmm. How about this one?

I think it's rather cute and not just because my beautiful babies are in it and actually loving each other either. I like this file a lot. It's quick and easy to put cut and assemble and it comes with other options on how to get other looks out of it. Here, see for yourself.

Do you see what I mean? Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

I do have to warn you, though. The hard part of making these, at least for me, is choosing the patterned papers. Almost every time I make one of my Stained Glass files into a layout, I make a mess in my scrap room. I always start by cutting the overlay. It's after that that things get messy. Once I finally decide on a color scheme, I have to put the overlay on top of many different papers before I finally settle on a set I like. In the meantime, I start piles of what I think might look good together, only to have to go back an reorganize them all back where they belong. Oh, but it's worth it!
If you want to see what else I've been up to, you'll have to come back tomorrow. A girl can't divulge too many of her secrets at once, afterall. LOL! Besides, I think you'll want to snag the free file I should have for you anyway. Well, at least I hope you will. It comes with a twist though. (Hmm? What could that mean? ) LOL!

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

Deb C said...

Very nice
the colours make it look different
the yellow one reminds me of the sun or a black eyed susan and the picture pops but the pink one is nice too I love the stained glass frames (and stained glass window catchers too)