Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun, But It's Piling Up!

With my brother here in town, I seem to be falling a bit behind in my cutting. I have several new files all designed but I haven't made the time to test cut them. So, I can't even share a picture of them with you. I am excited about them though. I think they're pretty cool.

I'm enjoying having my brother here. We all are. I really wish he would move down here near us. We keep tying to convince him but haven't had much luck yet. Of course, the gorgeous weather and all the opportunities we have to do fun stuff have helped us too but not enough just yet. We're not giving up though. Sooner or later, there's got to be something that will sway him in our direction. We just need to find out what that is. Any ideas? LOL!

Happy Scrapping!

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