Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Packed Week!

I'm sorry if you missed Friday's free file. I only leave my weekly free file up for about 24 hours. (Usually, it is longer than that.) If you've missed it, you'll find it in the store soon and since I'm always having sales, you can even get it at a discount. If you still really want it but don't want to buy it, I suggest you pay close attention to my blog. Occasionally, I offer a free file up for those who leave a comment or who answer a trivia question. So, you never know; you just may win it. I also suggest checking my blog daily as you'll never know what day the free file will be offered or when I'll be playing some game or asking a trivia question.

On our to-do list this week, we have my class on two nights, Boy Scouts on two nights, Brownies one night, 2 dentist appointments, 2 parent-teacher conferences, our anniversary, and somehow we still need to work in 3 confessions. Can we possibly cram more into one week?

Unfortunately, yes! On top of all that, we're getting ready for Bryan to go on another small deployment. It's nothing major and not to a combat zone so there's no need to worry. He's just going camping where he'll get to play war games. He'll get to play dress-up in full chemical gear. He'll get to play soldier to "defend" the hospital. He'll even get to play doctor as he helps to triage the fake patients (they're actually real people with fake injuries). LOL! It's another training class where they get to practice all their skills as if they were deployed to a combat zone.

Oh, and then there's the files I want to finish up and get up to the store as well as another free file for all of you. I guess I'd better get busy!

Happy Scrapping!

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Carol said...

Yup, I saw I missed one since I generally check blogs first thing in the morning. That'll teach me to take a minute to check blogs on the weekend no matter what. I was cleaning my house since I didn't get it done the week before because of your scavenger hunt. I will have to pick this one up on a sale sometime.

Thanks for the freebies (when I do catch them).