Thursday, January 15, 2009


What a day today! Wow! What a pilot!!! I am simply amazed at the plane landing in the Hudson River. 146 passengers and 5 crew SAFE?!!! Wow! What a mircle!!! I've just got to praise
God for that!

I'm also praising God because I finally got a working dishwasher in my house and it's NOT me!!! Woo Hoo! Yippee!! Yay!!! and all that! It wasn't easy getting one either. First, I had to wait for the old one to die. That alone took six months. Then, there was the close to 3 hour battle to get the old one out and put the new one in--and that was with experienced, professional installers! You see, somebody had the bright idea to install tile on top of tile which was installed on top of linoleum. My kitchen floor is two inches thick! Yet that's not all; the tile drops off where the dishwasher begins. So, getting this diswasher in was quite a challenge and I am so relieved it's actually in and working.

To celebrate my good fortune, I'm extending the free dishes for you to wash. LOL! The file from yesterday is here but I'll be taking it down in the morning so grab it quick!

Happy Scrapping!

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debenj said...

Glad to hear you no longer have to do most of your dishes the old fashion way! LOL Our dishwasher keeps yelling out RETIRE ME!!! but just can't do it yet because other things keep breaking down like our heater... good thing it was last week and not this week because we'd be freezing right now if we had to rely on the space heater like we did for a week.

Anyway, thank you for the cup of coffee/tea/etc... file... love it!!!