Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Much Better

Last night's class was much better. For the most part, the students came back so I can't have been too scary the first night. LOL! I think we've found our middle ground too.

Those of you who've taught or have kids of your own, know that trying to get somebody to learn something is a delicate balance on a tricky teeter-totter. You want to challenge your students but not to the point of frustration. You also want to provide content that fits the student's needs but do so in a way that keeps their interest. It's a constant dance on that tricky teeter-totter.

I know I'll always be making adjustments but it seems that I've found the right balance for now. I'm also not as concerned about a couple of my students as I was last week.

I seriously suspected that one of my students couldn't read. It really, really worried me. It's hard enough to learn a second language as it is but when you cannot read, that task becomes extremely difficult. Add to that equation, the fact that these people not only want to learn English, they HAVE to learn English in order to function in our society. Fortunately, though, I realized he can read. Phew!

Praise God! We're on our way!!! I'm so excited!

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Lori McDonald said...

Oh good!! I know you were really worried about that!!! YEAH!! See God Answers prayers!!!