Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Excited!

Hubby is coming home tonight! I'm excited. The kids are excited and even the dog is excited. He's been gone all week and we've missed him. I can't wait for him to be home. Our world just isn't right when he's not around. I know the world needs him too and we can share him; but that doesn't mean we want to. LOL! That's the life of a military wife.

I'm also excited about some Christmas shopping! I have been eyeing Lori's stars. Have you seen them? They are sooo cool! Here, take a peek:

I think they are awesome and I want one so badly. The only bad thing about them is that she actually thinks the Army Star takes precedence over the Air Force Star. Doesn't she know the Air Force aims higher?!!! Bahahahaha!
Seriously, I know Lori's work is beautifully done. She makes sure each and every star is something she would be proud to hang in her own home. I know I'll be proud to display her work in mine. You can check them out here.
Happy Scrapping and Happy Shopping!

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Sandra from NC said...

I've been eying them too just don't have the time to dig up photos to send her - sigh.