Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Uh Oh!

What have I got myself into now?

First, let me explain something. In both of the Catholic schools my children have attended, the parents are required to complete so many volunteer hours. At our previous school, they didn't care how you completed the hours just as long as you did them, recorded them and helped the school out in the process. At our new school, they designate how many hours are to be spent at the parish' carnival, at the auction, and in the school.

I went to a parent meeting to learn more about this and filled out a paper that I was willing to help the "Head Homeroom Parent" for my son's class. I specifically picked my son's class because as children progress through school, parent participation drops. There are lots of parents scrambling to volunteer in kindergarden and even first grade but less and less later on.

Well, somehow I got appointed the "Head Homeroom Parent" for my daughter's first grade class. I'm told it's mostly making phone calls to other parents to ask them to send in supplies for parties, etc. I think I can handle that. I guess I'm going to be getting to know lots of people really fast here! LOL!

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