Friday, September 5, 2008

Maybe Not

Last night did not go well. I wish I could say that it did but, nope. I was not aware that I needed to find a group leader who is willing to take my daughter before they would give me the form I need to fill out to register her. So, my daughter might not be a Girl Scout afterall. I regret that I even let her know it was possible because now she is sad and moping about the house. It would be nice if they were like the Boy Scouts who never turn a child away.

Today, our kids had a half-day and we took them to the Florida Aquarium. It was really cool and we had a lot of fun. We went there mainly for my son. It's his birthday next week. He has been counting down the days until he turns 9. Nine is his favorite number. It should be. He was born on 9/9/99.

And, yes, I have a couple of surprises planned for that special day--for him and for you! Stay tuned if you want them.

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