Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have You Seen . . .?

Have you seen the "Save Gas, Stay Home and Scrap Challenge" lately? New prizes have been revealed and the competition is heating up! Seriously!!! They are about to get out the tape measure! I had to get my patoukey out of there!!! Here, see for yourself.

We learned some good news last night. Our daughter is in first grade and she hates it when we ask her to do anything that is even remotely related to learning anything academic. Right now, reading is at the very top of her hate list. Sure enough, she brings this folder home with two pages of words to read. One side says phonics words and the other side says reading words. Between the two pages, there are probably 50 words on them and the directions say that she is to master all 50 words in one week. Well, after a week of fighting and pulling my hair out, we found out "master" does not mean memorize the words; she can sound them out. No problem. They are mastered! Woo Hoo!!!

We also heard some bad news. Our son has to memorize all his multiplication facts from 0 through 6 multiplied by every number up to and including 12 by next week. The school we attended last didn't push memorization of multiplication tables in second grade. They wanted him to learn strategies to solve problems. Now, he's behind and I'm getting balder. Soon, I'll look just like my husband! LOL!

At least I'll stay away from that tape measure!

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debenj said...

Boy am I glad our "school days" have passed. Good luck to all of you. I remember looking at some of our nieces homework and thinking I'd need to go back to school just to learn how to help out the kids today with homework! About going bald... think you'll turn grey first! LOL Just got rid of the greys yesterday...lol.