Thursday, July 31, 2008

What an Embarrassment!

My dog is hanging her head in shame today. She’s quite upset. The squirrels are getting the best of her. Seriously. It’s quite sad.

Here is a picture of the closest she has got to the squirrels.
There is one on the bird feeder and it knows that Miffy can’t get it because our pool is now screened in and the dog door is on the side of it. The door is also a bit noisy so Miffy can’t sneak up on the squirrels. To make matters worse, the squirrels can climb up and run across the screen enclosure both across the sides and over the top. This drives Miffy nuts and they know it too.

Well, today, while she was chasing the squirrels around the enclosure, the most embarrassing thing happened. She fell in the pool! To Miffy, water is ONLY for drinking. She hates baths and won’t willingly swim even on the hottest of days. She got out of the pool just fine and was okay.
Her ego is seriously bruised though and she is still embarrassed. She just knows those squirrels were laughing at her! Even the one I rescued from that pool! They were all laughing at her. What an embarrassment!

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