Friday, July 25, 2008

My Challenge, My Story

My challenge entry is not quite finished but I am getting close. I'm just doing a bit of research through my family history. Most of my work has been done for me by other family members who recognized the importance of keeping family records. My maternal grandmother's family has been traced back for centuries. It's my maternal grandfather's family that I'm looking into right now.

I've got to tell you I got such a thrill today when I found my great uncle's name and information on the ship's registry documenting his arrival through Ellis Island. I've always heard stories about my grandmother's side of the family and how they emmigrated from Belgium to Canada and how my grandmother and mother later came to America. Today, for the first time, I have a clue as to how and when my grandfather's family came over the sea.

To learn more of this story, you'll have wait for my entry in the challenge. Better yet, I'd love to see yours and learn your story.

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