Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Time at the Zoo

We had a wonderful week-end and got a lot done around the house. We also spent some precious family time at the Lowry Park Zoo. Even though it was over 90 degrees and humid too, we had a blast. I took way too many pictures and wore the camera battery completely out of juice in the process. Here's one of my favorites of the day.
It was supposed to be just a picture of a sea urchin that climbed up the side of the aquarium but my son's reflection got in the shot as well. I wish I could say that I planned that! LOL! Next time, I'll have to set it up better so there isn't the glare in the shot. I was just trying to make my kids happy since they were constantly telling me to "Take a picture! Look, Mom! Take a picture."


Shelly said...

My son keeps telling me that too! I guess he enjoys his scrapbooks even though I'm way behind on scrapping. I have a photo like the that happened by accident of my son's reflection is so cool to capture not only the sea creature but the expression on their faces.

Lori McDonald said...

I think that is an awesome photo!!!!

Planned or not!!!

Lori (aka Beloved Keepsakes)