Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy in the Kid Zone

Hello from Kid Zone Central! My house has become the most popular place in the neighborhood. I can almost tell the time by who is showing up to play. I am so glad we--my husband and I--decided that Sundays would be family day all day long. Seriously, it is my only break from the fun and mayhem. LOL! My kids think it's great but it makes getting things done a challenge.

Speaking of getting things done, have you checked out Lynn's--I mean--Jan's blog lately? Lynn is filling in for her and has done a great job. Maybe I should take a vacation.

Vacation? For me? I've got too much to do right now and at the top of that list is get my sales and coupon requests turned in for August or there won't be any. The clock is ticking. See, I have homework to do too.

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