Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of Excitement

June is a busy month for our family. First there’s the end of the school year and then there’s my husband’s birthday which, I just discovered today, is the same day as my so awesome creative team member—Deb Wright’s birthday! (Happy Birthday, Deb! I won’t forget next year. I promise!) Tomorrow’s my daughter’s birthday. Then there’s Father’s Day and my birthday. This year, we are also closing on our new house, welcoming my brother and nephew who are coming to visit, and—best of all--being reunited with our Miffy—aka the family fur-baby.

That is a lot to be grateful for and happy about too. So, let’s party! Come on over! What? You can’t just up and leave your homes, jobs and families? Not even for a Florida vacation? Oh, okay then. How about a sale?

A sale it is then. 40% off all my files for a whole week! Starting on my daughter’s birthday, 6/12 at 12:01 AM (that’s midnight plus a minute, as I tell my kids) and running through my birthday, 6/18, everything in my part of the store will be on sale. How’s that for a surprise? Happy shopping!

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debenj said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ALL!!! Wow! A family full of Gemini :) Sounds like you have one busy month! Tell your daughter Happy Birthday and know it will be extra special for her. :)