Friday, June 20, 2008

A Long Day with a Great Ending

My brother and nephew flew back to Indiana early this morning. We were sad to see them go and would gladly let them live here. They will be missed. It'll probably be 5 months before my brother can come back for a visit. I can't wait!

Today we finally registered our vehicles and got our Florida driver's licenses. It took FIVE HOURS! I couldn't believe all the little hoops we had to jump through today and we have to go back to register the boat and file for our homestead tax exemption.

The great news is the Paperthreads Newsletter just went out today! Have you seen it yet? Jan did a beautiful job putting it together didn't she? But, then again, she always does awesome work. If you haven't seen her art lately, you really should look here.

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Anonymous said...

What part of Indiana are they from, Ileana? I'm from Southern Indiana...Shae