Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog Watches?

Do dogs have watches? You know, clocks to tell the time. I swear my dog does. She has been back with us for a little over a week and I can tell you my mom must have walked her twice a day. Miffy now expects a walk early in the morning which is great for me but around 2:30 to 3:00 every afternoon, she wants to go again. It’s hotter than a steam room here at that time of the day! I know it isn’t that she needs to relieve herself; she can do that any time she wants since she has her own doggie door here. I’ve also tried playing with her. The squeaky squirrel doesn’t work nor does her ball or other toys. Nope, she wants me to take her for a real walk. So, just how does she know what time it is?


debenj said...

I think they do! Ours are in a habit of getting up to go outside at 4am (when hubby use to get up to run before work) Now that he quit running the fur kids still want to go out at 4am... of course "H" doesn't want to take them out at that time in the morning! Have to say, they are pretty accurate too! LOL

elgin watches said...

People love their dogs enough that it wouldn't be surprising to see dog watches soon!

ninamerle said...

MY dogs do not know it is summer. They are at the door at 5:45 am, oh yeah they don't know that on the weekend you are supposed to sleep in! So I have two that will pee pee on a doggy pad but the others need to go outside. And you know I can not convince my kids that they need to take their dogs out, Mom must do it. I am thinking about starting to charge my kids ( they are 17, 19, and 21) for these jobs that I am doing for them. But my furry babies, have my heart. So yep, i get up and let them out if hubby is not home to do it. A long answer to your question? They have their own internal clock. gotta love em