Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stomach Yuck, School and a Shotgun

After the seemingly endless bout of stomach yuck, it seems we’re almost completely back to normal. Yippee!

My kids were happy too. They not only finally felt good but they also got to go to school today for the first time since mid-March. Six whole hours of freedom for me! Yay! Now, if only I was done unpacking . . .

My daughter’s day was 100% true to form for her. She is such a social bug. I picked them up from school and we hadn’t made it 4 blocks when she confessed that a little boy—she didn’t catch his name--had already told her he loved her and had kissed her too. Yep, Daddy better start shopping for a shotgun. He’s going to need one.

P.s. Thank you to Debbi and Shae for your wonderful comments from yesterday. You are VERY welcome!

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