Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Doctors, Mosquitos and School

For our family, it has been a doctor sort of day today. The kids finally got in for their school physicals—ahem, I mean well-child checks. Our insurance doesn’t cover school physicals at all but fully covers well-child checks. Semantics!

Then, the kids and I got back from their appointment to find Hubby is home sick again. Since this started in the middle of the night on Sunday, we thought it was best that he see a doctor too. It turns out Hubby’s stomach virus is no stomach virus. He’s got Encephalitis from a mosquito bite. That seems kind of spooky to me! The doctor gave him some prescriptions but told him to hold off on filling it for another day as it may just pass on its own.

The ‘fun’ isn’t over yet. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for a check-up. Wish me luck!

We’re also going to register our kids for school tomorrow. I know there’s only a little bit of school left but our kids really miss playing with other kids. My daughter has already made fast friends with two neighbor girls but my son hasn’t met any boys his age yet. We’re hoping going to school will help or it might be a very long summer at our house.

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