Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sharing House Pictures

Okay, I can’t stand not sharing any more. We still don’t have a signed contract but our realtor does so that’s good enough right? So, here are some pictures of what will be our new home:

The furniture and accents belong to the listing real estate agent. She also owns a business that stages homes. It's funny. The first picture doesn't show it and it wasn't there the first time we saw the house but now there is an American flag hanging in the front of the house. They put it up after our realtor told them we were thinking of getting a VA loan. How's that for a subtle touch?

The last picture is of the master bathroom. There are two of those bowl-like sinks. They tell me they're easy to clean but they seem impractical to me. The surface area is more than doubled plus they are clear glass so it seems that cleaning them would be like washing more windows without the payoff of a nice view to watch. I guess I'll have to put some pictures of cute, shirtless pool boys on the counter while I'm cleaning.

So, what do you think? I'm told the sellers have a "before" video of what the house looked like before they began all their work. We haven't seen it yet but I can imagine it.

Sorry I didn't get you a surprise today like I wanted. I had computer problems all day. It really makes sharing files and homeschooling on the internet hard when you can't access the internet. I hope it will work better for us tomorrow.

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RSMobley Designs (KNK & GSD Files "Coming Soon") said...

Hi Neighbor, Literally, LOL!

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Hope all goes well with this house and you will be moved soon.