Thursday, April 17, 2008

License Plates for the Blind?

I think I’ll take the advice of everyone who commented here yesterday. I’ll let my husband get the shark license plate for his vehicle. I’ll get the clownfish for my van and I’ll cut other things out of vinyl to appease the kids. Ilaria, my daughter wants all the animal plates and the wildflower one too. She especially likes the manatee and the sting ray. I think they would look cool on the back windows of either car.

My husband and I were discussing the entire list of choices last night and we had to laugh at some of them. I know that these plates raise money for charity but since when do professional sports, soccer and Nascar qualify as charities? If you get the Nascar plate, do you get a discount on your speeding tickets?

I also know these plates help to increase awareness for important issues too. Yet one of these seemed a bit out of place to us: the one for vision/blindness. I’m glad they have this license plate but I think this is an ironic forum to market this cause. It’s a little like having Braille on a drive-thru ATM.

Don’t get me wrong here. I firmly believe in research to cure blindness and assistance for the visually impaired. I also know the importance of getting regular eye-exams. When my father was 38 years old, he went to work at 8:00 am just like he had done for years. By 12:00--noon, he had to find someone to bring him home because he had lost his sight. Glaucoma can permanently destroy your vision that quickly. There are a host of other infections and diseases that can rob you of your precious sight. So, please, if you haven’t had your eyes checked lately, make that appointment today.

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