Tuesday, March 11, 2008


No more snow! Doreen reminded me I will be giving up snow as well. Honestly, I can’t wait. This winter has been a rough one weather-wise. We just might make it to 40 degrees F tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong; I know we could still have it much worse. It’s just really hard to paint the two columns outside our front door when the paint is freezing. Clumpy paintsicles don’t smooth out too well. Fortunately, our realtor is a nice guy and said he would paint them for us when it warms up.

Another irony: our packers. They were such a wonderful help and I am glad we had them. Yet, there are many downfalls to having someone else move you. First, there’s the thought that these are complete strangers and they are going through all your stuff. Everything. There is nothing that is private or sacred. You also have to watch them every second. It’s not that they aren’t trustworthy but that undoubtedly, they do not pack things like you would and they definitely pack anything and everything that doesn’t move. It’s funny that I kept telling our lazy dog to wag her tail so that they wouldn’t take her but they took:

*my son’s dress shoes so he had to wear gym shoes to church for his first communion
*the gift we shopped long and hard to buy for our little guy’s first communion
*the cot we needed to sleep on while we are camping in our empty house
*the camp chairs we needed so we’d have a place to sit besides the floor
*my daughter’s stuffed animal that she loves dearly and sleeps with at night
*our kids’ breakfast cereal and the peanut butter we needed to make our son’s lunch for today
*our toilet paper and paper towels.

We did our best to watch them but with three of them working in three separate areas on 2 different floors and only two of us, they had us beat. I will say, though, that this time they did not pack our kitchen trash—yes, with the rotting food in it—like they did the last time we moved. I don’t think we’ll have any smelly surprises when we unpack in a few months, but, you never know.

As for surprises, I’m going to try to sneak in some cutting today so watch the store. There just may be some surprises showing up there.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the garbage. Well, not really but we had it happen to us when we moved almost 2 years ago. I had stuff against one wall that I specifically told them NOT to touch. I was so busy, I didn't even notice they cleared it all. Yep, we paid for them to haul our garbage 60 miles for us!

Your son was probably much happier to wear his sneakers. However, the gift...well, that he wanted.


Jan said...

We don't miss the snow either, Ileana! You'll be glad to get rid of all your snow gear. Hope that didn't get packed!

Hailey's sippy cup full of milk got packed with some of her dolls when we moved. Let's just say I threw the lot of it out after a week in a hot moving truck. Yuckkkk!

Good luck with everything!