Sunday, March 30, 2008


While we weren’t around the hotel much and I didn’t get to do much as far as cutter files go, I think we had a very successful week-end.

On Saturday we spent a large part of the day looking at houses again. I think we may have found our future home. We’re not ready to make an offer yet but probably pretty soon. We’ve also found a parish that feels like home. We enjoyed celebrating our anniversary and we also took the kids to the zoo. It’s been a very busy week-end but a very good one too.

Thank you to all who wished us well on our anniversary. I can honestly say, we are truly enjoying our happily ever after. Thank you, also for downloading my file and for your comments about it. I appreciate it very much. I have disabled the link but you’ll have to keep checking back here. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find next.

Speaking of surprises, how do you like the new look to my blog? I thought it would be good to share a bit of beautiful Florida sunshine and beaches with all of you. I hope you enjoy visiting here even if you can’t make it to Florida to visit me in person.

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